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Renting a car always seems like a good idea while travelling to a new destination. What better ways are there to know a city than driving around with your loved ones? And if you’re travelling kids, public transport can seem like a hassle. Renting a private car gives you and your family the much-needed relaxation and flexibility of scheduling. That’s why a majority of tourists opt for van rental from Zurich airport, especially if they’re with small kids.

Travelling to a new country can seem daunting when you have small kids. Because you need to bend the routine and schedule to their whimsical will. But don’t let that stop you from travelling and exploring the wonders of Zurich, Switzerland. Let’s delve into some of the easiest tips to make travelling with kids seamless.

5 tips to make travelling with kids seamless

1. Chauffeured Cars – Van rental from Zurich airport can be a good idea if you’re well-versed with the Swiss traffic rules or if you’re travelling by yourself. But if you’re travelling with your family and small kids, book yourself a chauffeured car. Well-trained and punctual chauffeurs will be able to make the trip more memorable for you. Avoid the hassle of booking a rental or figuring out the tips and tricks of public transport.

2. Make an itinerary for them – While travelling with kids, adults often forget that it is necessary to include them in the itinerary. Your toddlers will not enjoy cheese tasting and marvelling at the local scenic beauty. So, dedicate a day to them and ensure they can enjoy themselves. You can spend an entire day at the toy museum and then take them to the best child-friendly cafes around.

3. Safety and Security – Parents travelling with small kids often prefer a car rental so that they can ensure the safety of the kids, using child booster seats, baby or child seats and more. However, chauffeured services in Zurich provide such amenities with the car you’re planning to book. And the best part is they do not charge extra for these amenities. These are included in the booking amount, so no hidden charges or unpleasant surprises upon receiving the invoice.

4. Personalised tours – Several chauffeured or limousine services in Switzerland, specifically Zurich offer you personalised tours. So, if you’re travelling with kids of different ages, inform them of your preference and enjoy the luxurious and decadent tours planned by the car services. If your kids are a little older, do not forget to bring them to the FIFA museum, and if you have toddlers then Zurich Toy Museum or even camping at Fischer Fritz is a good idea.

5. Pre-book airport transfer – If you’re keen on driving yourself around Zurich, it is always advisable to not to do that on the same day you need to catch a flight. Drop off your rented van prior to your departure, and pre-book an airport transfer. The chauffeured service will pick you any location you prefer and ensure you reach the airport on time.

When travelling with kids book a spacious car for your luggage and the car seats and their toys. A Mercedes V class or a Viano Minivan will afford you both style and comfort while travelling around Zurich. Book a chauffeured service for your van rental Zurich airport.

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