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Corporate travel plans are significantly different compared to any leisure vacations and travelling. You need more structured schedules, strict itineraries and a better understanding of the local culture and social scene. Especially, if you’re entertaining clients in a new place you need a quick peek into the local culture. Hiring a personal chauffeur in Switzerland, can not only take you places but also give you a run-down of the social scene.

Every so often people are reluctant to hire personal drivers for their professional trips for several reasons. So, if you’re still unsure about hiring a chauffeur in Switzerland, let’s help you decide!

7 reasons why personal drivers can make your business trip more successful

1. Dependable – If you’re conducting business in a new city, you need to depend on people for several factors. Transport and keeping your appointments are one such thing. Luxury chauffeur services can take care of traffic-congested roads by suggesting better travel plans and scheduling approaches for your meetings, events, luncheons and dinners.

2. More Efficiency – When you’re being driven to your appointments, you can take that time to catch up on your work, important calls and even your sleep. Well-trained chauffeurs know how to prioritise the needs of their passengers and ensure a premium experience for you.

3. Professionalism – Expats often need to meet with foreign delegates, clients and business partners. Being driven to appointments in a luxury car exudes an aura of professionalism and decadence. And this may seem superficial but these factors help you make connections. When you arrive in a well-built car with a professional chauffeur, it improves your image perception. Therefore, you automatically have an advantage in the meeting.

4. Stress-free – Knowing and understanding the driving rules in Switzerland can be a complex and tedious task. And as a busy professional your time can be used in a better manner. A personal chauffeur in Switzerland will give you a stress-free experience, where you can depend on them to navigate the local traffic.

5. Cost-effective – Contrary to popular belief a chauffeur service can be cheaper, compared to driving your car or a rental. Luxury chauffeur services offer all-inclusive pricing; therefore, you don’t need to worry about the cost of parking, fuel or anything else.

6. Ride and arrive in style – Most of the car or chauffeur services in Switzerland offer different classes of vehicles. For example, E-class for business limousines, S-class for extra-long business limousines, V-class for premium business vans and more. All of the vehicles offered in these classes are premium with leather interiors and adequate space for your luggage.

7. Well-trained chauffeurs – One of the biggest problems of getting around during your business trips is understanding the directions, identifying the venues you need to get to and avoiding congestion and traffic. A well-trained chauffeur doesn’t just drive well. They will also guide you through the best spots for a luncheon, a business dinner or maybe even point toward the happening nightlife for a night of fun and relaxation.

A chauffeur service offers you a lot more than just a method of getting around. They will be your guide in a new place, and help you explore and maintain professionalism. So, stop fussing over it and book a personal chauffeur in Switzerland on your next corporate trip.

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