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Getting a Geneva car hire with driver service can be a tad difficult. You have to pick the right company and car, to begin with. Then, you have to choose the right service that merges with your event.
What if we told you that you can get all that with one car rental with chauffeur service in Geneva? I bet you’ll be thrilled. That’s exactly what our services provide.
Here are the very best benefits you can get from using our service.

Our Geneva Car Hire with Driver Services- The Best of the Best

As the name implies, the very first thing you’re getting is a driver. However, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Here are other services you can expect.

1.      Sleek and Stylish Cars

If you are looking for stylish cars, then this is the right place to be. We prioritize cars that are sleek, sturdy, and durable. That way, our clients get everything in one juicy package.
Our best cars include the Mercedes V Class van, Mercedes S class, Mercedes E class sedans, and the Mercedes sprinter minibus.
If you intend to go as a group, then the Mercedes V class van is your best bet. If you want something stylish and smaller, you definitely need to go with the Mercedes E class sedans.
The Mercedes Sprinter Minibus is great if you are going in groups and want to have an amazing time together. Our best pick for elegance is the Mercedes S class. It doesn’t get better than that.

2.      Airport Service

If you are flying into Geneva, our car rental with chauffeur in Geneva service got you covered. Our shuttle is warm, comfy, and clean. We get your transportation/airport transfer sorted in no time. You can choose the car you want for your airport transfer.
Regardless, we’ll make sure your shuttle and transportation are top-notch.

3.      Cars for Just the Right Events

By now, you probably guessed it. We have the right car for the right event. Have a VIP event coming up?  Take the limousine and rock that VIP party. Have a business meeting? Take our Mercedes and get your business, executive, or corporate events rolling.
You’ll especially love the sedan for corporate or executive events. Luxury events are memorable and private events. Our vans and minibus will ensure you enjoy this private experience as a group.
Our car rental with chauffeur in Geneva services has everything you want.

4.      Affordable

Everyone has a budget. We understand that perfectly. Thus, we make sure we give you options that benefit your financial limits.
For example, you can choose the hourly rental plan or the full day hire package. When you choose the hourly rental plan, you can control how much you spend. The full day hire package is available if you don’t really mind. After all, who would mind luxury?
Our Geneva car hire with driver services always has your best interests in mind.

What’s the Next Step?

Still thinking of getting our Geneva car hire with driver service? If you are, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always ready to be of help.

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