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Davos Annual Meeting Chauffeur Limousine Service

Davos Economic Forum Limo Chauffeur Service 2024

24hr Corporate Executive Chauffeur and Limousine Services Davos Economic Forum for all your Business Travel Needs.

  • Transfer from Zurich City or Zurich Airport to Davos/ Klosters Chf 690
  • Transfer from Davos/ Klosters to Zurich City or Zurich Airport Chf 690
  • Car & Driver at your Disposal Chf 150/hr
  • Davos Transfer to and from any location in Switzerland and the neighbouring countries

Davos Economic Forum Annual Meeting Davos Klosters 2024 Limousine Services, Van and Minibus Service

WEF Davos Limousine Service

Phone: +41 78 836 27 08
Email: contact@switzerland-carservice.com

Book your private business executive chauffeur service with a Mercedes S class limousine, van/ minivan or minibus Sprinter in Davos during the Davos Economic Forum with Switzerland Car Service, the Swiss top rated chauffeured transportation company.

Our Fleet & Services in Davos Klosters during the Economic Forum

Economic Forum Davos Klosters Limousine Service

  • Mercedes Limousine S Class
  • Mercedes Sedan E Class
  • 4×4 (four wheel drive)
  • Black

Van Service

  • Mercedes Van Viano
  • Mercedes Van V Class
  • Mercedes Van Vito
  • 4×4 (all wheel drive)
  • Black

Minibus Service

  • Mercedes Minibus Sprinter
  • 4×4 (4 Wheel drive)
  • Black

Your Private Chauffeurs

  • English speaking drivers
  • Suit & Tie
  • Helpful and friendly

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WEF Davos Chauffeur Service

Davos Forum Limousine & Chauffeur Services

Every year, in Davos Klosters in Switzerland, hundreds of the world’s most important business and political leaders gather for the Economic Forum. Davos is one of the most important international forums in the world, as it helps spread knowledge and set an agenda for the political, economic, and academic goals of countries from every continent.

It is an event that attracts VIPs from all walks of life. Yet to get to the event from the airport and around to nearby activities, you will need to find safe, comfortable transportation. Here at Switzerland Car Service, we regularly provide transportation services for everyone from individuals to large groups with luxury vehicles that fit the size of your party your luggage.

With our chauffer limo, van, and minibus services for the Davos forum, you can safely and discreetly travel to and from Davos, and anywhere you want to stop along the way. Switzerland Car Service also allows you to book now, pay later, with no up front obligations. Fill out our form today to reserve your space, or call us if you have any questions or requests.

About Our Economic Forum Transportation to Davos from Zurich Airport

The Economic Forum meeting in Davos is not just any meeting. The discussions revolve around some of the most critical issues facing the world today, and how all of the different nations can work towards solving them together. It has implications that can last for decades, and a level of importance that draws in leaders that are ready to make a difference.

But before you can attend these events, you still have to handle the logistics, including how you will arrive at Davos from the airport. That’s where Switzerland Car Service comes in.
Anyone can travel in a taxi to Davos, or they can try to rent a car. But taxis are small and uncomfortable and car rentals require a lot of work and stress – especially if you are unfamiliar with Swiss driving or the terrain. With our chauffer services, the driving is done for you while you relax in a luxury, well maintained, comfortable vehicle that has been chosen based on the size you need.

Our fleet includes limousines,  vans & minibuses

• Limousines – We are a popular Davos limo service that can take you from the airport to Davos, and anywhere in between. We can also wait for you as needed, and take you to food, events, and more. All of our vehicles have plenty of room for skis and luggage, and we have several limo types to fit your comfort level.

• Van Services – For those taking part in corporate travel, or traveling with a small group, we can help there as well. Our van services are very comfortable, spacious, and great for transporting your small groups.

• Minibus Services – Of course, sometimes you have more than a small group. There are times when your group is larger, and you need a great vehicle to make sure that you can all travel together to Davos Forum. We help there as well, getting your group to Davos Klosters in a way that is ideal for keeping you all together.

Our driver is also very familiar with the winter terrain, so that you can confident that we’re getting your entire party there safely. Should you need any time to eat or make a detour, we can help there as well. Luxury transportation to the Economic Forum is one of our many specialties, and we’re ready to make sure that you have the car service you need.

Why Consider a Luxury Car With a Driver to Davos?

You need transportation to get to the Swiss Alps from the airport, or from your Zurich hotel. Certainly you can choose a taxi, or rent a car on your own. But there are so many reasons to consider a VIP luxury car rental. These include:

• Better Vehicles and Drivers – Our vehicles are designed for luxury and comfort, which means that you’re not traveling cramped in the back of a gross taxi driven by a person without training. You’re being cared for by chauffeurs in Switzerland that are trained in customer service and highly skilled at driving up to the mountains from wherever you may be, all while in a luxury car.

• More Room for Luggage – In addition, Davos is a long weekend and has a ski resort. Chances are you’re going to pack a lot of belongings, and possibly even skis. Taxis – and even many car rentals – often do not have the room to transport all of your belongings to the resorts. Our vehicles can be chosen based on the luggage you need to accommodate, no matter how many people you are traveling with.

• Time to Think and Prepare – Perhaps most important for so many VIPs going to the Economic Forum is that our luxury vehicles with a chauffeur give you a chance to simply relax after your flight, unwind, talk, or prepare for the events of the day. Small, uncomfortable cars do not provide that luxury, and if you’re driving yourself then your mind is on the road instead of the tasks in front of you. In a Swiss limousine, you have plenty of time to prepare for the needs of the day, with room and space to make calls, notes, or even sleep.

• Better for Large Groups – Whether traveling with friends, clients, or coworkers, it is always better to travel together. Our vehicles are capable of allowing larger groups to stay together throughout the ride, and make it possible for all of you to converse at your leisure without worrying about watching the road.

• Far More Comfortable – The trip may have powerful consequences, but you are also still a human being. You hope and expect to feel comfortable throughout your journey in Switzerland – or during any type of travel. Our vehicles provide that comfort and eliminate some of the aches and pains that you get from other types of travel.

These, of course, only scratch the surface of the many different advantages that people have when they take our luxury vehicles. We can also customize your trip if you have any special requests, and as we mentioned we are available to assist you throughout the weekend should you need a private driver to travel around the town or to anywhere else in Switzerland.

Should you extend your stay, we are also able to drive you across to other ski resorts, other cities, or even other countries, as we regularly take people to places like France and Italy.

Be Treated Like a VIP

No matter who you are – the CEO of an international corporation, a government official with immense political capital, an academic, or simply someone that would benefit from attending these meetings, when you head to Davos Annnual Meeting you’re headed to something very important. Something that makes you, by default, a VIP that has the potential to make a difference in the world.

Switzerland Car Service is here to make sure that you feel as important as you are. We want to make sure that you have the experience you expected to have at the Economic Forum, with no distractions due to poor transportation or stress over driving.

It is our role to treat you like a VIP, and we take that role very seriously. It is why we have long been the number one choice in chauffeured car services to Davos.

Choose Switzerland Car Service Today

We at Switzerland Car Service are dedicated to your satisfaction. We provide comprehensive chauffeured car services to make sure that you are able to get where you need to go with everything and everyone you need.
We even make the booking process easy and stress free. You simply need to let us know when and where you’re arriving (or where you would like to be picked up, if not at the airport) and we’ll be there. All payments are accepted when you arrive, so you don’t have to worry about sending us a payment while you are so far away.

We are always reliable. Our team and our drivers will be there the moment you need us. And of course, we’re more than happy to help with luggage, provide tours or recommendations as needed, or leave you alone so that you can relax or get work done. Whatever you decide you need, it is our job to give it to you.

Please fill out the form today to book your car service for the Economic Forum, and to schedule your spot today. Let us know what sized vehicle you need, and we’ll be there right on time to help assist you with all of our gear and take you to where you need to go next. Contact us today to get started.

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