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Rent a Private Driver in Switzerland with Switzerland Car Service

Are you looking for the best way to move around in Switzerland? Do you want to escalate your experience and make your trip memorable? Hiring a private driver in Switzerland will give you access to loads of premium benefits that will make your conveyance luxurious.

Switzerland Car Service offers you the opportunity to hire some of the most experienced private drivers in Switzerland at affordable rates with added perks! But if you’re still thinking about whether or not you should hire a Swiss driver, the next few lines will clear your mind!

Why Is It a Good Idea to Hire a Private Driver In Switzerland

Hiring a private driver in Switzerland has numerous benefits and of which many tourists opt for personal drivers instead of other options. Here are the top 4 advantages of hiring a personal Swiss Driver:

  • Know the Place Inside-Out: Local drivers have years of experience driving around the neighborhood. Therefore, personal drivers will save you time and money by taking the shortest, most effective routes. They can also use alternate routes in case the main pathway is blocked or jammed.
  • Excellent Communication Skills: A driver needs to have a proper conversation with the passenger to ensure the tourist is comfortable. Drivers with good communication skills also act as guides and tell you more about the place you’re visiting.
  • Contingency Planning: Having a reliable driver who knows how to handle stuff when things go haywire is imperative. Personal drivers bring this quality to the table.
  • Reliable, High-End Vehicles: The state and handling of the car matter a lot when it comes to smooth, seamless traveling. Private chauffeurs are professionals with superb vehicles.
  • Good to know that you can rent your private driver per hour, week or per month.

When Would You Need a Private Chauffeur?

You need a personal driver if you want no hiccups on your trip in terms of moving around. If you’re all about experience and luxury, having a personal driver is a no-brainer. Similarly, people on a business trip must have a chauffeur not just to move them around but also to add to the classy vibe.

On the contrary, if you’re on a tight budget, this might not be the thing for you. However, here at Switzerland Car Service, our premium services are even affordable for those on a budget!

What Do We Offer

Switzerland Car Service makes your tours and executive trips seamless by offering top-of-the-class private driving services. Here are our top four personal driving options you can get in Switzerland:

Private Van Driver in Switzerland

  • Perfect for families
  • Safe and secure transportation
  • Hand-picked drivers

Private Limo Driver In Switzerland

  • Limousine drivers – Ideal for executive meetings and business trips
  • Luxurious
  • Smooth and hassle-free journey

Private Minibus Driver Switzerland

  • Affordable transportation for large families
  • Spacious and comfortable vehicles
  • Experienced and qualified drivers

Private Tour Driver Switzerland

  • Used by employers offering tours to their employees
  • Can also be booked by extensive families or organizations.
  • Top-quality service at a fair price

Cars We Have in Switzerland

Our vehicle lineup has quite a few luxury vehicles with a personal driver in Switzerland. You can pick one based on your unique preferences. Each vehicle has its strong suites. However, one thing is common in all our cars—they are glamorous, neat, and super-comfy!

Here are four of our most used vehicles with private drivers in Switzerland:


Passengers: up to 3

  • Type: Business limousine
  • Drive System: All wheel drive
  • Color: Black
  • Interior: Leather interior
  • Luggage: Up to 2 XL and 2 medium luggage


Passengers: up to 3

  • Type: First-class limousine (extra long)
  • Drive System: All wheel drive
  • Color: Black
  • Interior: Leather interior
  • Luggage: Up to 2 XL and 2 medium luggage

V Class

Passengers: up to 7

  • Type: Premium business van (long and extra long)
  • Drive System: All wheel drive
  • Color: Black
  • Interior: Leather interior
  • Luggage: Up to 7 XL and 7 carry on


Passengers: 15

  • Type: Premium business van (extra space for baggage)
  • Drive System: All wheel drive
  • Color: Black
  • Interior: Leather interior
  • Luggage: Up to 15 XL and 15 medium luggage

All of the aforementioned vehicles are the industry leaders in their respective classes. Therefore, tally your requirements with their features, and choose the one that best resonates with your needs. You can even check for other options by calling us here at Switzerland Car Service.

Why Choose a Private Driver With Switzerland Car Service?

With loads of private driver service providers operating in Zurich alone, it’s hard to find the best in the business. Hiring the best driver from a vast array of companies is based on several factors. Here at Switzerland Car Service, you get executive benefits other companies fail to offer. The most prominent ones are:

Licensed Drivers

All our drivers have obtained their licenses in a completely legal manner. We actively check that our staff has active registrations to ensure that there are no discrepancies later during the travel. 

Vehicles From Renowned Brands

Switzerland Car Service is synonymous with luxury. We only get vehicles from high-end brands like Mercedes to maintain the top standard we are known for. You can count on us to have the latest, most luxurious vehicles in our arsenal.

Whole Price Range

Private driver cost in Switzerland is variable. However, getting a personal chauffeur will obviously cost you. But here at Switzerland Car Service, we have kept the price range within a fairly affordable limit to ensure the maximum number of tourists can enjoy our service.

No Registration and No Upfront Payment Required

We believe that your satisfaction and ensuring you have a great time is far more important than making a few extra bucks. Therefore, even if you want to hire a driver for a day in Switzerland, we don’t charge you a fee to book the appointment or pay upfront.

So, Contact Us Today and Get the Best Private Drivers in All of Switzerland at Your Disposal!

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