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Transferring from the airport to your hotel or resort can be an arduous journey, so it is essential to be fully prepared ahead of time to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

This article provides some simple strategies that will make your trip to your destination as relaxing as possible!

1. Book your transfer in advance

Book your airport transfer well in advance if possible to reduce stress on arrival day and save money in doing so. Booking early also ensures your transport will arrive as promised without having to wait long periods before it arrives.

Booking a private transfer between Zurich Airport and Klosters can ensure a fast and safe journey, customized specifically to your needs (up to 54 passengers can travel). Your driver will meet you with a sign bearing your name at either location – whether at your hotel, Zurich Central Station, or holding a sign bearing your name – or stand ready to wait if your flight is delayed or canceled. Additionally, a free flight tracking service is included with each transfer service, should any issues arise with your flight(s).

Travel from the airport to Klosters Platz station by train; the journey takes around three hours on average and offers many choices throughout the day. Tickets can be booked online using Rome2Rio which provides up-to-date schedules, routes, and estimated fares from relevant transport operators.

Once your ticket has been booked, simply print or show it on your mobile device at the train platform and board for your ride to Klosters, one of Switzerland’s premier mountainous ski resorts.

Davos Klosters region is internationally recognized as the birthplace of skiing in Switzerland, hosting both World Economic Forum meetings each January as well as being home to an abundance of snow-covered peaks – perfect for both novice and expert skiers alike.

Train travel from the airport to Klosters can be an easy and cost-effective way to access its slopes without needing to navigate unfamiliar traffic. Plus, advance purchases often bring discounts.

2. Don’t be afraid to ask for a discount

Booking your taxi ride from Zurich Airport to Klosters early can yield better deals, since companies will already know exactly the costs involved and how long your stay will be, eliminating overbooking concerns and offering you great prices for your airport transfer from Zurich to Klosters.

At its core, being honest with your driver about your needs is of utmost importance. Provide as much detail as possible about who will be traveling with you, any luggage (if applicable), children in your party, etc. that might affect how they recommend an appropriate vehicle and price estimate for you. Even if there’s no luggage to carry with you it would be wise to inform them just in case there will be additional costs involved.

Upgrade to first class to make your trip even more pleasurable and save some money at the same time; plus you’ll enjoy numerous onboard services such as WiFi access and individual plug sockets! This upgrade may even help make the experience of flying more pleasurable!

While train travel from Zurich to Klosters can be feasible, it can take quite some time and involve many changes along the way. This may present issues for passengers prone to altitude sickness – dizziness, nausea, and headaches may occur from shifts in air pressure that cause dizziness, nausea, or headaches for some of our fellow passengers – making the ride unpleasant for everyone on board.

Switzerland Car Services offers stress-free airport transfer solutions in Zurich for groups of any size and can have your chauffeur waiting at the airport to greet you when you arrive – they even track your flight and will wait if it gets delayed!

3. Know your route before you go

Arriving at an airport without knowing your route to your destination can be a huge source of anxiety. By understanding where you’re heading and its lay of the land, knowing exactly how you will arrive can save both time and money on your trip – for instance, if traveling abroad means exchanging currency at its exchange desk ahead of time will save time and hassle during travel. Furthermore, knowing which accommodations are available and their costs as well as knowing how you will move from location to location will all play an integral part.

There are plenty of resources online to assist in planning your travels. One effective starting point is creating a Google Maps itinerary, which enables you to add multiple destinations and see how long it will take you to get between each one. Furthermore, this tool also lets you rearrange stops to find the fastest route.

Google Maps allows you to plan an itinerary that best suits your travels by allowing you to skip highways, ferries, and tolls on your itinerary. Once your plan is ready to go, print or download it onto your mobile device before setting out so that you have it at hand should anything arise that requires reference en route. Likewise, use “airplane mode” on your device in flight to prevent distraction from texts or calls during take-off and landing.

With these tips in mind, your arrival at Zurich Airport should be less stressful. Book your transfer early and allow yourself plenty of time to arrive, go through security, check in, grab snacks, and relax before boarding your flight to Klosters! Don’t forget to reserve a Ski-Lifts transfer service as well!

4. Leave yourself plenty of time

Making sure your taxi transfer goes off smoothly requires giving yourself plenty of lead time, whether it is an airport transfer or just going out for the evening, it is always better to be safe than sorry and allow yourself enough breathing room. That is why booking ahead can be extremely helpful when traveling for business or other plans that might interfere with transportation schedules.

By asking for their rates up front, you can ensure you are receiving accurate information regarding how much your ride will cost and avoid any hidden charges or unexpected costs. Many taxi services will try to sneak charges for baggage or tolls into your final bill, which can be avoided by inquiring upfront with your driver as to their rates.

If you are uncertain about prices, it is a wise move to request that your driver use the meter to prevent an unexpectedly large bill at the end of your ride. Additionally, ask them to show you on their phone whether the fare has changed; that way you’ll know you are paying what should be.

Davos Klosters tourism region is well known worldwide for hosting the World Economic Forum annually in January, as well as being a popular winter ski destination. Nestled amidst the Swiss Alps and boasting numerous top-quality hotels and restaurants.


Ditch the stress of navigating an unfamiliar country after a long flight. Booking a taxi from Zurich Airport to Klosters ensures a smooth and comfortable start to your Swiss adventure. Sit back, relax, and soak in the breathtaking mountain scenery as your reliable driver whisks you away to your idyllic alpine escape. Don’t waste another minute wondering how to get to Klosters – book your hassle-free transfer today!

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