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Zurich Airport Van Rental & Van Hire in Zurich

Switzerland Car Service is a local car service offers affordable van rentals in Zurich and other cities in Switzerland

Hire a Mercedes V Class or a Viano Minivan for a full day or at hourly rental rates.

  • All inclusive price. Baby seats, child car booster, child seats, navigation system, snow chains.
  • Choose any pick up and drop off location in Switzerland

When traveling with a large group to Zurich, it is not uncommon to want to rent a van for your trip. Vans are great for fitting all your passengers, and it makes sense to consider a van if you’re all trying to get around town.
But instead of renting a van to drive yourself, you may want to consider a private driver – someone that can chauffeur your entire group. As much as it may seem like a Zurich airport van rental makes sense, the truth is that a personal driver like Switzerland Car Service may be the best choice for you.

Van Rental Zurich Airport with Rental or Personal Driver?

Before you choose van hire service from Zurich airport, you may want to consider the idea of having your own private driver. At Switzerland Car Service, we genuinely believe that it makes more financial and personal sense to consider your own private van, with a driver that is dedicated to your satisfaction and getting you where you need to go. That is because your own driver has many benefits, including:
• Cost – Zurich Airport van rentals are surprisingly expensive, especially for short visits. The starting price for a van that can fit up to 8 people can start at as much as $400 USD per day, especially for a premium van. You’re also tasked with gas, and the costs of any repairs if there is an accident. Our rates at Switzerland Car Service are amazingly affordable, and you get both a premium van and your own private driver.
• Convenience – Even if a Zurich Airport van rental is affordable, it is not convenient. You still have to have a driver that is familiar with driving on Switzerland’s roads. In some cases, you may not even have a map, especially if your phone does not have a Swiss data plan. But with Switzerland Car Service, you have your very own private driver that knows Zurich and the surrounding areas very well.
• Limitations – New rental car law means that you cannot drive the car across any border to go to France, Germany, Italy, etc. But with our private drivers, we are allowed to take you wherever you want to go.
• Relaxation – If you choose van hire service, someone has to drive, and that person will not be able to relax, party, or otherwise enjoy their time during transportation. With Switzerland Car Service, all of your passengers can relax as we handle all of the driving for you.
These are only some of the many benefits of having your own personal driver, and when you see the costs of van rental, it starts to make sense why Switzerland Car Service would be a better decision for you and your group. The cost per person is very small, and the experience of being taken to each location in your own private van is often a great one.
At Switzerland Car Service, we also let you book affordable van hire service now and pay your driver later. This allows you to pool resources together, instead of requiring that one of you pay for the entire trip up front. Fast, convenient, and geared towards customer service, Switzerland Car Service is simply the best choice, and has many advantages when compared to a Zurich airport van rental.
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Let us give you and your entire party the experience you deserve during your visit to Zurich. We have excellent luxury van hire service available available, professional drivers, and outstanding service to make sure your trip is even better than you expected. For more information about our private drivers, contact Switzerland Car Service today via the form below, and we’ll schedule you in or answer any questions you have.

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