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Luxury VIP Car Rental with Driver Zurich

VIP Car Rental with Driver Zurich

There’s no better feeling than making an awe-inspiring appearance at a VIP event. To do this, you need the car of your dreams by your side. Our VIP car rental with driver Zurich service can make this possible.

However, you’ll be forgiven if you just don’t see the benefit of getting a car rental for your travails in Zurich. This article will help with that. It will outline some of the most important benefits of a luxury car rental with driver Zurich service.

Benefits of our VIP Car Rental with Driver Zurich Service

Super Cars

The first obvious benefits rest in the cars. Our luxury car rental with driver Zurich boasts of a whole fleet of cars. These are mostly Mercedes and can take 4, 5, 6, 7, or, 8 passengers.

To make sure we give the best to our customers, we only use the Mercedes brand. Here are some cars you can expect to see in our fleet

  • Mercedes S class limousine
  • Mercedes E class sedan
  • Mercedes v class van
  • Mercedes sprinter minibus

All cars are chauffeured driven and are perfect for group trips. Really VIP transportation services don’t get better than this.

Airport Transfers

We also offer airport and ski transfers to our customers. A shuttle will be available to pick you up from the airport and take you to where you’re going. This shuttle is chauffeured by an experienced driver who knows everything about Zurich.

If you have specific inquiries or instructions, we will be able to do as instructed. Our services are at your disposal right from the airport.

Financial Costs Considered

To meet all your needs, we also consider our rates and prices. They are affordable and moderate compared to our competitors.

We also have a diversity of plans and packages to meet your needs. For example, the hour rental plan might be perfect for those who have an executive or business event to attend. The full day hire plan might be better for private events and VIP events.

Whatever you need, our VIP car rental with driver Zurich service can provide in abundance.

Locations and Events Galore

Finally, we are not a one city service. Despite our main service center being in Zurich, our services extend to all of Switzerland.

Here are other cities where you will find us very active.

  • Bern
  • Davos
  • Basel
  • Geneva
  • St. Moritz
  • Lausanne
  • Gstaad
  • Verbier
  • Vevey
  • Neuchatel
  • Lucerne
  • St. Gallen
  • Vaduz (Liechtenstein)

If you have any inquiries or city that you would like to visit, please do not hesitate to let us know. We will be happy to be of service to you.

We also cover many events. Apart from the events already listed, our service covers prom nights, roadshow events, and much more.

We have no doubt you’ll enjoy our luxury car rental with driver Zurich airport service.

Top-Notch Services with our Luxury Rental with Driver Zurich Airport Service

So, are you ready to step into the world of luxury? If you are, you certainly know where to find us.

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